Top Christmas Dollhouse For Your Kids To Love!

While a dollhouse is a great gift for your child for any special occasion, one with a festive theme is ideal for Christmas. There are plenty of dollhouses for kids to choose from, but very few have a special Christmas theme.

Fisher Price Loving Family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse Fully Furnished with 50 Accessories

The Fisher Price Loving Family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse is the perfect Christmas dollhouse. It has six rooms over three levels and comes complete with 50 accessories, including Christmas dollhouse furniture. The reversible décor means that you child can create a festive themed dollhouse for Christmas and then revert to a normal dollhouse for the rest of the year if they wish.

Some of the holiday accessories include a dollhouse lighted Christmas tree that plays songs, Winter candle window boxes, a twinkling wreath and a fireplace that lights up and plays songs. The Christmas accessories are not the only interactive feature of this dollhouse as other elements of the house also make sounds. These include a whistling kettle and a sizzling stove-top.

The dimensions of the dollhouse are 19 x 16 x 26 inches and it weighs 24.6 pounds.


  • Christmas-themed furniture and accessories, so no need to buy further dollhouse furniture
  • Reversible décor to choose normal décor or the Christmas theme
  • Fun sounds for interactive play
  • Attractive design
  • Comes complete with a family of dolls
  • Very little assembly required
  • Large rooms that give more options for play
  • Good quality and sturdy
  • Neutral color scheme so it is great for both genders


  • Christmas stickers cannot be removed
  • Takes up a lot of floor space
  • Only Caucasian dolls available


The Fisher-Price Loving Family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse is possibly the best dollhouse available that has a special Christmas theme…

Children can have lots of fun converting a normal dollhouse into a Christmas dollhouse filled with Christmas accessories. The reversible elements mean that your child will not just see this dollhouse as something to play with at Christmas; it is a toy suitable throughout the year.

It is possible to buy additional Christmas accessories and furniture for any dollhouse….

For example, you could buy the Lundby Smaland Dollhouse Christmas Tree Set (see below) or the Multi Minis Dollhouse Christmas Lights (see below). However, with this dollhouse you do not need to make any additional purchases as everything you need is already included.

The interactive elements of this dollhouse are one of its most appealing features and will add to the fun your children have when playing…

The lights and sounds will keep your child interested and give greater options for them to act out real life scenes. It is worth noting that you do need to buy batteries to make these features work. The dollhouse requires 5 x AAA and 2 x AA batteries for the lights and sounds.

Another bonus mentioned by people who have bought this dollhouse is that it is gender neutral…

Many dollhouses are decorated in pinks and lilacs and customers complain that their sons want to play with a dollhouse but the ‘girly’ colors put them off. The Fisher Price Loving Family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse has a neutral color scheme that will appeal to both genders.

The majority of the reviews of this product are excellent with most people rating it as five stars…

There are just three common complaints about the Loving Family Christmas house:

→ The first is that once you have added the Christmas stickers, they cannot be removed. This means that even when you have removed the Christmas accessories and décor, the windows still have a Christmas theme. However, this will not prevent you children from having fun playing with this dollhouse so it is a minor issue.

→ The second negative comment is that this takes up a lot of floor space. Again, this is a minor issue. The dimensions of the doll house are clearly stated on the product packaging and on retailer’s websites. You just need to check that you have enough space for the house before committing to purchasing the item.

→ The final complaint is that the family of dolls are all Caucasian. In most cases, dollhouses that have dolls included have Caucasian dolls, so this dollhouse is no different from other dollhouses on the market. If you are a non-Caucasian family and want a doll family that reflects your family’s ethnicity, it is possible to buy dolls of the same size to replace the family included.

Overall, this dollhouse is fantastic, not just at Christmas but at any time of the year. It has excellent features that will provide children with hours of fun.

Lundby Smaland Dollhouse Christmas Tree Set

Multi Minis Dollhouse Christmas Lights

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