Best Barbie Dolls for Boys – We Find the Top 8 Barbies for Boys of All Ages!

Created in 1959, the Barbie Doll has been around for over 60 years. Initially designed to exclusively be a girls toy, Mattel has expanded the Barbie brand over the last decade to be much more inclusive of all genders.

If you’re looking for the perfect Barbie doll for your son, grandson, or nephew, we have found the 8 best Barbie dolls for boys on the market today!

From big to small, and from barista to firefighter, this guide will help you find the best Barbie doll for your boy!

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Barbie Babysitters Boy Doll

Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. Skipper Babysitting Boy Doll with Phone and Baby Bottle
The Barbie Babysitters Boy Doll is trying to change the stereotype that only girls can babysit and take care of younger ones. This Barbie doll will help foster empathy and caregiving skills with your son.

Included with this doll are five themed accessories that any good babysitter would have during their shift. Your son can feed his smaller baby dolls with the baby bottle, or play with them with the xylophone toy.

This Barbie doll is standard height, coming in about 12 inches tall. He is compatible with any other clothes made for the regular height Barbie dolls.


  • Sharply dressed in neutral clothing – striped shirt, black denim jeans, and white sneakers
  • Fun accessories, such as pretzel bag and cell phone, are included
  • Great alternative to typical Ken dolls
  • Doll appearance is true to description


  • Neck seems too wide for the size of dolls
  • Knees don’t bend
  • Some accessories are just cardboard cut-outs

This Barbie Babysitters Boy Doll is a fun addition to any Barbie collection, regardless of gender. Your son will enjoy the new role-playing possibilities that this Barbie doll provides.

Barbie Ken Fashionistas Doll Classic Cool Doll

Barbie Fashionistas Ken Doll, Blocked Cool
Mattel has gone to great lengths over the past 10 years or so to make their Barbie line much more inclusive. This Barbie Ken Fashionista Doll is a prime example of just how far Mattel has come.

This African American Barbie doll has everything you’d expect a “fashionista” to have – including a trendy hairstyle, slim black tie, and silver shoes.

This is a standard height Barbie doll at about 12 inches tall. If you’re also looking to get a dollhouse for your son, make sure to double-check that this Ken doll is going to fit.


  • Trendy clothes and overall design
  • Shirt, shoes, and pants are all removable and interchangeable with other Ken doll clothes
  • Culturally relevant appearance


  • Stiff plastic construction – legs and arms don’t bend
  • Some inconsistencies with appearance (appears to have been fixed in recent months)
  • Some parents wish the doll had an afro

This Barbie Ken Fashionista Doll is a rare find, both in its style and appearance. If you’re looking for a male African American Barbie doll for your son, you both are sure to be happy with this choice.

Barbie Galactic Adventure Prince Doll

If your son is like the typical boy, they are probably wanting you to play “space adventures” with them all of the time. This Barbie Galactic Adventure Doll will help your son create all sorts of out-of-this-world fun.

Based on the movie Barbie: Star Light Adventure, this Barbie doll offers a fashion-forward look that is consistent with what space adventure doll should look like.

If your son wants to change the look of this Barbie doll, the clip-on white vest and removable pants and boots will allow him to dress him up anyway he wants.

Standing at approximately 12 inches tall, regular Barbie clothes will fit this doll.


  • Unique appearance and trendy overall look
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Other Barbie: Star Light Adventure accessories and characters available (if your son likes the movie)
  • Several reports from other parents that said their sons loved this Barbie doll


  • The blue shirt is molded on and cannot be removed, so any other dress-up shirts would need to be long sleeve
  • Arms can only rotate – they cannot swing out to the side

Parents of children young and old have reported back on how much their sons love this Barbie doll. The Barbie Galactic Adventure Prince Doll is definitely worth checking out.

Barbie Club Chelsea Boy Doll

Barbie ​Chelsea Boy Doll with Tie-Dye Sun Top
The Barbie Club Chelsea Boy Doll offers a great alternative to the traditionally-sized Barbie dolls. The Chelsea Doll line are younger versions of their Barbie Doll counterparts and are perfect for children ages 3-7.

This Chelsea Boy Doll has a summer-inspired appearance, including shorts and white sneakers. He even comes with an ice cream cone that he can hold and carry.

This doll is about six inches tall, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for other Barbie doll clothes to dress him in.


  • Fun appearance – his shirt has a big camera decal on it
  • Miniature sized for kids that like playing with smaller dolls
  • More Club Chelsea dolls and compatible accessories available


  • Arms and knees don’t bend
  • Some reports that the doll’s head feels loose
  • Difficult to find – limited quantities and selection

Boys and girls alike are sure to have fun role-playing with this Barbie boy doll. If your son is younger, the Barbie Club Chelsea Boy Doll is a pretty safe bet that they are sure to enjoy.

Barbie Careers Ken Barista Doll

Ken Barista Doll, Broad, Wearing Café Apron
Are you a big coffee drinker? Your son will love making you “pretend coffee” with this Barbie Careers Ken Barista Doll.

His appearance is true-to-form with what you would think a barista Barbie doll should look like – even down to his apron and coffee cup.

The role-play situations that your son will create with this Barbie doll will help him understand the importance of work and fun.

This is a standard height Ken dolls, measuring in at about 12 inches tall.


  • Unique, one-of-a-kind appearance
  • Fun “man bun” hairstyle
  • Sturdy overall design


  • Minimum order quantity is two dolls
  • The apron is printed on the shirt
  • Some reports of missing coffee mug

For the coffee-loving family, the Barbie Careers Ken Barista Doll is a great addition. Your son will love making coffee for all of the other dolls.

Barbie Club Chelsea Boy Doll – African American

Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. Dolls, 2 Pack of Sibling Dolls Includes Small Toddler Doll and Baby Doll in Diaper, for 3 to 7 Year Olds​​​​
The African American Barbie Club Chelsea Boy Doll, similar to the Chelsea boy doll above, is perfect for kids that like playing with smaller dolls. They also work well for teaching family dynamics, with the larger, older-looking Barbie dolls being the parents of the smaller Chelsea dolls.

The included outfit and shoes aren’t anything unique, but your son should still enjoy the fun adventures he will create with this Chelsea doll.

This doll is about half the size of regular Barbie dolls and stands about six inches tall. At that height, he should fit into most of the average size dollhouses out there.


  • Clothes and shoes are removable and interchangeable with other size Chelsea clothes
  • Culturally relevant appearance
  • The Club Chelsea line offers five similar dolls and dozens of accessories for additional purchase


  • Appearance differs from the pictures (skin shade and hair color)
  • Arms and legs don’t bend

If you think your son would enjoy playing with a smaller Barbie doll, the African American Barbie Club Chelsea Boy Doll may be a good option.

Most parents reported that their sons were very happy with their new doll and that they were glad about their decision.

Barbie Ken Fashionistas Camo Comeback Doll

Barbie Ken Fashionistas Camo Comeback Doll
A TOTY (Toy of the Year) 2018 Finalist, the Barbie Ken Fashionistas Camo Comeback Doll is a fun choice for those looking for a “trendier” option for their son.

The gray shirt, white shoes, and camo shorts are all removable, allowing your son to dress up this Ken doll exactly the way he wants.

As a standard Ken doll, the Camo Comeback Doll is about 12 inches tall.


  • Trendy clothing and overall look
  • Neat “sculpted” hairstyle
  • Built very sturdy


  • Some reports of uneven hems on the shirt
  • A few reviewers felt that the shoes slipped off too easily

Overall, the Barbie Ken Fashionistas Camo Comeback Doll is a great choice if your son likes trendy clothes and hair designs.

Barbie Careers Ken Firefighter Doll

Barbie Firefighter Doll
If your son likes hero role-playing, he is sure to love the Barbie Careers Ken Firefighter Doll. This Barbie doll is the perfect gift for both aspiring firefighters and young adventurers alike.

The coat of this Barbie doll is true-to-form of a firefighter’s uniform, including both a decal flashlight and pockets. His removable hat and boots are fun to swap out and use on other Ken dolls as well.

This is a standard sized Ken doll and is roughly 12 inches from top to bottom.


  • Very detailed design
  • Inspires good role-playing
  • Firefighter outfit can be taken off and placed on other Barbie dolls


  • Hems may be uneven/poor quality
  • Arms and legs don’t bend
  • Packaging seems too small for this doll. The package may arrive damaged.

Overall, parents reported more positives than negatives with this Barbie doll. If your son likes cops and firefighters, you may want to check the Barbie Careers Ken Firefighter Doll out.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, every boy has different likes and dislikes. Although the eight dolls listed above are some of the highest-rated Barbie dolls for boys available, you may want to continue searching for the Barbie doll you think your son will like most.

If so, Amazon has a great selection of boy Barbie dolls available. Check out more options below.