KidKraft Beachfront Mansion Review – Read This BEFORE You Decide to Buy!

If your daughter LOVES sunny days spent playing at the beach, she’s going to LOVE the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion!

This dollhouse looks like it came right from the Malibu Coast and is designed exactly the way a modern beachfront home should be.

Although it doesn’t come with a pool, your daughter’s Barbie dolls can spend all day basking in the sun and enjoying the luxuries of ocean living.

This unique dollhouse is a great choice from top to bottom and actually ranked in our top five KidKraft dollhouses in our huge 38-dollhouse KidKraft review!

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In our review, we’ll tell you –

  • Who we think this dollhouse is best for
  • What we like the most
  • What we wish was done differently
  • Compare it two other Barbie dollhouses (one is the Barbie DreamHouse (see at Amazon)

Best Modern KidKraft Dollhouse

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

Although you’re ultimately buying a dollhouse for your daughter, we think there are many features that (as a parent) you’re also going to enjoy!

For starters, this dollhouse is made for Barbie dolls. It becomes more apparent when you see the bright designs and unique Barbie-doll sized furniture.

We think the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion is best for girls that want a modern dollhouse and enjoy the fanciness and luxury of having their Barbie dolls live by the beach.

As far as the amount of play area, this dollhouse is on the smaller side and is probably only good for up to three kids to play with at one time.

As the parent, the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion has a unique feature not found in any of the other 37 KidKraft dollhouses we reviewed(and you’re going to LOVE it)!

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

On the bottom of the dollhouse, there’s a special storage area where your daughter can store her Barbie dolls and furniture when she’s done playing.

As parents ourselves, we keep our daughters Barbie dolls stored in a bin when not in use. This storage makes clean up 10x easier and it’s surprising that other dollhouses don’t do this.

If you’re ready, click below to check it out for yourself!

Features of the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion

Good for Girls of All Ages

As long as your daughter is old enough for Barbie dolls, we’re pretty positive that she’s going to love this dollhouse!

Parents of daughters as young as 3-years and as old as 11-years have left comments and reviews on how much their daughters enjoyed receiving this dollhouse as a gift.

Some even mentioned that their sons enjoyed playing with it with their sisters, especially since the design doesn’t look like a traditional dollhouse.

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

As we said above, there are certain girls that will like this type of dollhouse more than others.

From what we could tell, it seemed like older girls (ages 6-12) wanting a modern dollhouse liked it the most.

One-of-a-Kind Style

It’s hard to find another dollhouse that is designed and looks like the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion (see at Amazon).

With some dollhouse manufacturers, and even some KidKraft dollhouses, their dollhouses can feel very similar to each other.

This dollhouse is light and airy and doesn’t feel anything at all like a typical dollhouse.

Our favorite design feature is the canopy ceiling and wall on the third floor. Your daughter can draw the canopy back to let her Barbie dolls enjoy the cool evening ocean breezes.

Fun and Interactive Furniture

Typical of all KidKraft dollhouses, your daughter will receive all the furniture she needs to decorate her Barbie’s new home.

Unlike the other dollhouses, the 14 pieces of furniture really fit perfectly into the interior decor of the dollhouse.

For example, the dining table has a see-through plastic top and the fridge has a pretend LED display, similar to many of the new modern fridges.

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

Some pieces are also interactive, such as the toilet making a flushing sound.

Your daughter will LOVE the furniture that comes with the Beachfront Mansion!

Storage Area Included

Although we hit on this above, we really wanted to highlight it since it is such a neat, one-of-a-kind feature.

The storage area on the bottom of the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion is large enough to hold most of your daughter’s Barbie dolls, clothes, and accessories.

The design of the storage area actually fits in really nicely to the modern theme of the dollhouse.

Both sides are nicely painted and the front panels are frosted pink.

We don’t feel that the bottom storage detracts from the overall dollhouse at all. As the parent, we can almost guarantee that’s going to be your favorite part!

Best Barbie Dolls for the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion

Barbie Chelsea Tiki Hut

If you are buying the Beachfront Mansion for an older girl, it’s likely she already has dozens of Barbie dolls to use in this dollhouse.

One thing she may not have, though, is a smaller Chelsea doll.

The Barbie Chelsea Tiki Hut (see at Amazon) makes a fun addition to this dollhouse and gives your daughter a bunch of additional accessories to complete the “beachy” feel.

The tiki hut has a thatch roof and a seat where Chelsea can sit and take a rest.

It also has a hammock that ties between the palm tree and tiki hut that she can lay in and relax.

Barbie Chelsea Tiki Hut

Lastly, this accessory set includes moldable sand and molds that your daughter can play with in her miniature-sized sandbox.

We think the Barbie Chelsea Tiki Hut is a great add-on doll for the Beachfront Mansion!

Highlights and Specs of the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion

  • Big enough for up to three kids to play at one time
  • Fun beachfront style
  • Gliding elevator connects the first and second floor
  • Dimensions – 33.1 x 13.8 x 49.4 inches
  • Weight – 32 pounds


Comes fully furnished – Your daughter gets 14 pieces of Barbie-sized furniture with this dollhouse.

Wall anchor and mounting hardware included – Since it stands over four feet tall, you will want to anchor the top to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

Durable wood construction – Although some pieces are made from plastic, the Beachfront Mansion (see at Amazon) is primarily wood and designed to be long-lasting.

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

Good for older girls – While we think girls of all ages will enjoy this dollhouse, the modern design does appeal to girls 6-years old and up.


Time-consuming assembly – The KidKraft Beachfront Mansion takes about three hours for one person to put it together.

More expensive than other same-sized KidKraft dollhouses – Based on play area alone, this dollhouse is more expensive than other three-level KidKraft dollhouses.

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion Vs KidKraft Super Model Dollhouse

Of all the 38 KidKraft dollhouses we reviewed, we feel that the KidKraft Super Model Dollhouse (see at Amazon) is the closest alternative.

Beachfront Mansion
Super Model Dollhouse
Higher Rated?
More Durable?
Doll Size?
12 inches (Barbies)
12 inches (Barbies)
Best Feature?
Storage area for dolls included!
Cute hot pink and lime green design!
# of Accessories?
More Affordable?


While both dollhouses are hip and modern in their design, we personally prefer the decor and layout of the KidKraft Beachfront Mansion.

The colors of the KidKraft Super Model Dollhouse are a little brighter than the typical dollhouse. Even so, we think the pastel colors of the Beachfront Mansion will still appeal to your daughter.

Plus, we think some of the neat architectural features, like the stairway and outdoor balconies, are better on the Beachfront Mansion.

Winner – Beachfront Mansion


The size of these two dollhouses is pretty much the same. Although the Beachfront Mansion does stand a little bit taller, it’s because it’s sitting on the bottom storage area.

As far as play area goes, both dollhouses are three levels tall and have four rooms.

There’s not enough difference in the size of these dollhouses to name a definite winner.

Winner – Tie


There’s absolutely no comparison when it comes to furniture. The Beachfront Mansion has unique furniture that are specifically made for the dollhouse that fit perfectly.

The furniture in the Super Model Dollhouse seemed like an afterthought, and it didn’t fit into the overall style at all.

Plus, you get three more pieces of furniture with the Beachfront Mansion.

Winner – Beachfront Mansion


Although both dollhouses are made from wood and specifically designed to hold up to years of use, we do give a slight edge to the Beachfront Mansion.

One point of concern with both dollhouses are the floating stairs that are made from plastic. These pose the biggest risk for breaking if played with roughly.

Beyond that, we feel that everything else should hold up fairly well.

Winner – Beachfront Mansion

Our Choice

It should come as no surprise that the Beachfront Mansion (see at Amazon) is the better dollhouse compared to the Super Model Dollhouse (see at Amazon).

Although the Beachfront Mansion is a little more expensive, we feel that your daughter gets a better dollhouse overall.

There are several areas where the Super Model Dollhouse really lacked.

Winner – Beachfront Mansion

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion Vs. Barbie DreamHouse

Since the Beachfront Mansion is big enough for Barbies, we figured we’d compare it to the most popular official Barbie dollhouse – the Barbie DreamHouse (see at Amazon).

Beachfront Mansion
Barbie DreamHouse
Higher Rated?
More Durable?
Doll Size?
12 inches (Barbies)
12 inches (Barbies)
Best Feature?
Storage area for dolls included!
Officially-licensed Barbie dollhouse!
# of Accessories?
More Affordable?
Same Price
Same Price


Although this comparison point is quite subjective, we personally like the overall look and feel of the Beachfront Mansion better than the Barbie DreamHouse.

Since the Barbie Dream House is made from plastic, there’s not much to the house internally.

The Beachfront Mansion has panel walls that are uniquely decorated to match the room, while the Barbie DreamHouse is open and lacks in that area.

Winner – Beachfront Mansion


Although both dollhouses are three-levels tall, the overall layout of the Barbie DreamHouse provides more unique features and is slightly bigger than the Beachfront Mansion.

While the Barbie DreamHouse comes with an elevator, garage, pool, and slide, the Beachfront Mansion only has an elevator.

From its size of play area alone, the Barbie DreamHouse is the winner.

Winner – Barbie DreamHouse


While prices vary throughout the year, the Beachfront Mansion and the Barbie DreamHouse are usually within just a couple dollars of each other.

Since the pricing does fluctuate based on time of year and availability, it’s impossible for us to tell which dollhouse will be cheaper when you go to purchase.

Plus, the pricing difference is likely only to be a few dollars.

Winner – Tie


Even though it’s made from plastic, the Barbie DreamHouse is quite durable and should hold up well.

Saying that, we think the wood design of the Beachfront Mansion is well constructed and will hold up better than the Barbie DreamHouse.

The one spot where this isn’t true is if you get a pool for the Beachfront Mansion – the wood design will not hold up well to water.

Winner – Beachfront Mansion

Our Choice

While it’s close overall, we feel that the Beachfront Mansion (see at Amazon) offers a little bit more for the money than the Barbie DreamHouse.

One thing we didn’t mention is that the Barbie DreamHouse (see at Amazon) comes with over 70 pieces of furniture and accessories, which is considerably more than you’ll get with any of the KidKraft dollhouses.

Regardless of which you choose, we think both options are a solid choice.

Winner – Beachfront Mansion


For many of the reasons above, we feel that the Beachfront Mansion (see at Amazon) is one of the best Barbie dollhouses you can buy for your daughter.

Although we had a couple of concerns on the length of the assembly and the overall cost, there’s nothing about the house itself that we would change.

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

In fact, we like this dollhouse so much that we were ranked #4 overall for all KidKraft dollhouses we reviewed.

Once you get this dollhouse assembled, there’s little else wrong with it.

Not ready to buy just yet?

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