KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse Review – It Has a POOL!

It’s a hot summer day – and your daughter’s Barbies are trying to stay cool.

With most dollhouses, they’d just be out of luck!

Well, what if your daughter’s new Barbie dollhouse had a pool?

The KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is just what the doctor ordered to beat the heat of those hot summer months.

In addition to the outdoor pool/BBQ patio, this dollhouse has tons of features from top to bottom that make it a great option all-year-round!

From a third-level loft bedroom to an office where Barbie can get some work done, the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is a great all-around Barbie dollhouse.

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In our review, we will let you know –

  • Which girls will LOVE this dollhouse the most!
  • What are some of our favorite features
  • What things we didn’t like about this dollhouse
  • Compare it two other popular dollhouses, like the Barbie Dreamhouse (see at Amazon)

Best KidKraft Dollhouse with a Pool

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

If your daughter is anything like ours, she’s LOVED playing with water since she was a baby.

A quick playtime with Barbies can turn into HOURS once we put water in the pool.

We think girls of all ages will enjoy the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (see at Amazon), but personally feel that girls 3-8 years old will enjoy it the most!

That’s not to say that girls over 8 years old won’t like this dollhouse, it’s just that the pool part of the dollhouse will get less use as they get older.

That’s not too much of a concern since there are so many other neat features. This dollhouse is uniquely designed in two separate parts and connected by the living room.

The wider layout makes us a great dollhouse if you have several kids at home or if your daughter has friends over for playtime.

Each end of the dollhouse has fun features that will provide hours of entertainment!

If you’re ready, click below to check it out for yourself!

Features of the KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse

Pool Really Holds Water

Some dollhouses will say they have a pool, but really it’s only a blue-painted piece of plastic that doesn’t hold water.

That is not the case with the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse.

Although the pool isn’t huge, it’s large enough for one or two Barbie dolls and is made from plastic so that it can hold water.

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

If you’d rather not have to clean up a mess afterward, the pool is designed in such a way that it’s still fun to play even without water.

Once your daughter’s Barbie is ready to dry off and enjoy the sun, the outdoor patio has a lounge chair and towel she can use.

Cute Design and Decor

The colors and overall design of the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse are exactly what your daughter wants in a Barbie dollhouse.

Every room is decorated in light and hot pinks, which really offset the white-color accents.

As far as features go, this dollhouse has a gliding elevator that connects the first, second, and third floors of the dollhouse.

If your daughter’s Barbie would rather take the stairs, there’s a floating staircase connecting the second-level office to a rooftop deck.

Lots of Fun Furniture Included

It’s standard for KidKraft to provide at least a few pieces of furniture and accessories with every dollhouse they sell.

The Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (see at Amazon), however, ranks right towards the top on the amount of furniture you receive – 35 total pieces.

Most of these pieces are built either mostly or entirely from wood, helping add to the overall durability of the dollhouse.

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

A nice bonus is that some furniture is even interactive, such as lamps that turn on or a toilet that makes a flushing sound.

Don’t worry – batteries ARE included.

Large Layout

When it comes to the amount of floor space needed, there are not many other dollhouses out there that are as BIG as this dollhouse.

Depending on the size of your daughter’s playroom and the number of kids you’re buying this for, that may be a good or bad thing.

The two-sided design is different than most other KidKraft dollhouses that tend to build up rather than out.

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

The pool/BBQ patio also takes up a considerable amount of room and juts out farther than other dollhouses.

It can also be a tripping hazard, so keep that in mind when finding a place to put this dollhouse.

Best Barbie Dolls for the KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse

Barbie Dolphin Magic Chelsea Doll

Although most Barbie dolls are made from waterproof materials and can “skinny dip” in their new pool, your daughter would LOVE a new Barbie doll made specifically for swimming.

The Barbie Dolphin Magic Chelsea Doll (see at Amazon) includes a Chelsea doll dressed in her swimsuit, a puppy friend, and a dolphin-shaped inner tube.

Although the pool in the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (see at Amazon) is made for dolls, Chelsea’s puppy friend is ready for a swim and even comes with a snorkel mask.

Also, depending on the temperature of the water you put in the pool, the dolphin inner tube will change colors from purple to pink!

Barbie Dolphin Magic Chelsea Doll

This fun Chelsea doll and accessory set is the perfect addition to the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (or any Barbie dollhouse with a pool).

Highlights and Specs of the KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse

  • Durable wood construction
  • Broad age appeal
  • Great size for multiple kids
  • Dimensions – 46.2 x 25.1 x 61 inches
  • Weight – 57


Fun layout – Although the main selling point of this dollhouse is the pool, there are several other fun features that make it a great dollhouse.

Unique rooms and play areas – Some of the rooms, such as the office and rooftop deck, aren’t common in other dollhouses.

Chic design – Barbie fans everywhere will approve of the colors and design of the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse.

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

Good value for the size – Considering all of the different features you get and the large overall size, this dollhouse is actually a good value compared to the officially-licensed Barbie dollhouses.


Some reports of damage during delivery – Several parents reported that they had dollhouses arrive with broken pieces during shipping. Both KidKraft and Amazon we’re good at making things right.

More expensive than other dollhouses – Based purely on price alone, this dollhouse is on the expensive end versus other Barbie dollhouses.

KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse Vs KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

We did a comprehensive review of all 38 KidKraft dollhouses, and we feel that the Sparkle Mansion (see at Amazon) is the dollhouse most like the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (see at Amazon).

Girl's Uptown Dollhouse
Sparkle Mansion
Higher Rated?
More Durable?
Doll Size?
12 inches (Barbies)
12 inches (Barbies)
Best Feature?
Pool really holds water!
Large dollhouse with pool, garage, and elevator!
# of Accessories?
More Affordable?


Although both dollhouses use bright pink colors typical of most Barbie dolls, we do like the “shimmer” style of the Sparkle Mansion.

On top of its bright pinks, this dollhouse has silver accents that really stand out.

We think that the rooms are designed a little nicer and the furniture matches a little better in the Sparkle Mansion.

Winner – Sparkle Mansion


Both dollhouses are quite large, but the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is noticeably bigger than the Sparkle Mansion.

We also prefer the layout of the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse since it seems easier for multiple kids to play with it at one time.

Another important point is that the pool in the Sparkle Mansion is for looks only and doesn’t hold water.

Winner – Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse


Although you get more furniture with the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (35 pieces), we like the design of the Sparkle Mansion furniture (30 pieces) slightly more.

The overall feel and look of the furniture are more cohesive in the Sparkle Mansion that it does in the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse.

Saying that, their rankings are fairly close and feel that both sets of furniture are better than average.

Winner – Sparkle Mansion


Known for their safety and durability, almost every KidKraft dollhouse is made primarily from wood and designed to last for several years.

Both of these dollhouses seem durable and are designed to withstand the normal “wear and tear” of playtime.

When looking at the finer details, however, we did feel that the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse are more durable since the columns in the middle better support the levels above.

Winner – Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse

Our Choice

Although it was close, we still prefer the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (see at Amazon) over the Sparkle Mansion (see at Amazon).

Our biggest reason for this is that the pool on the Girl’s Uptown actually holds water.

Both dollhouses are solid choices, though. The Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse ranked #5 and the Sparkle Mansion ranked #8 out of all 38 KidKraft dollhouses at Amazon.

Winner – Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse

KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse Vs. Barbie DreamHouse

Since the Barbie DreamHouse (see at Amazon) is one of the most popular Barbie dollhouses out there, we chose to compare it to the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse.

Girl's Uptown Dollhouse
Barbie DreamHouse
Higher Rated?
More Durable?
Doll Size?
12 inches (Barbies)
12 inches (Barbies)
Best Feature?
Pool really holds water!
Officially-licensed Barbie dollhouse!
# of Accessories?
More Affordable?


Although both dollhouses are cute and sure to get the approval of any Barbie fan out there, we think that more girls would like the colors and decor of the Barbie DreamHouse.

On top of the design, this dollhouse also comes with 70+ pieces of furniture and accessories (over double what you get with the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse).

The Barbie Dreamhouse has a slide that goes down into the pool that the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse doesn’t have.

Winner – Barbie DreamHouse


Although the Barbie Dreamhouse is a respectable size, the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is easily at least 50% bigger and has a better layout.

Depending on the size of your daughter’s playroom, the smaller Barbie Dreamhouse maybe a better fit.

Personally, we like the bigger size of the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse and think it’s the better choice for most families.

Winner – Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse


Even though the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is quite a bit bigger than the Barbie Dreamhouse, it’s about 15% cheaper.

It’s important to note that the pricing of both of these dollhouses can vary throughout the year, and at times may be priced similarly.

Most of the year, however, the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse should be the more affordable option.

Winner – Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse


The design and construction of these two dollhouses are quite different in the material used.

The DreamHouse is made from plastic, while the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is made from wood.

On the house itself, we prefer the durability of the wood and give the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse a slight edge.

However, it’s likely that your daughter’s Barbie dolls will be wet when playing in the house because of the water from the pool.

In that case, we like the waterproof durability that plastic provides and give the Barbie DreamHouse the upper hand.

Winner – Barbie DreamHouse

Our Choice

For us, we feel that the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (see at Amazon) is better than the Barbie Dreamhouse because of how much bigger and less expensive it is.

Both dollhouses are very similarly ranked, and either would make a wonderful choice!

Ultimately, we think it boils down to how often your daughter is going to play with the dollhouse with water in the pool.

If it’s going to be more but average, the Barbie Dreamhouse (see at Amazon) may be the better choice.

Winner – Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse


As you can see above, the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse (see at Amazon) is the very best KidKraft dollhouse with a pool and one of our top five dollhouses overall.

The design is unique and it offers plenty of features – beyond just the pool – that your daughter will enjoy using! She will have many hours of entertainment with this dollhouse.

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

This review also shows that sometimes the best Barbie dollhouses aren’t actually made by Mattel at all.

We feel that the Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is the better option, even when compared to popular official Barbie dollhouses like the Barbie Dreamhouse.

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