KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse – Is It Better Than The Barbie DreamHouse?

As your daughter gets older, it’s almost guaranteed she’s going to start playing with Barbie dolls.

And, as her love for Barbies grows, she’s going to want pink and modern dollhouse to play with them in.

For that kind of dollhouse, though, is the Barbie DreamHouse your only choice?


KidKraft makes a bunch of dollhouses that are ultra-modern and brightly colored – just like the official Barbie dollhouses and accessories.

We searched through all 38 KidKraft dollhouses on Amazon and made a big list ranking them from best to worst.

For “KidKraft Dollhouses Most Like the Barbie DreamHouse”, the KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is the best choice!

It’s a super fun dollhouse that lacks for nothing, with details from top to bottom that scream “Barbie!”

In this review, we let you know –

  • Which girls LOVE this dollhouse most
  • What things make it stand out
  • What items we wish we’re different
  • And compare it to other similar style dollhouses

Best “Barbie DreamHouse Alternative” KidKraft Dollhouse

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

Not only did the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse rank as our top Barbie DreamHouse alternative, but it also ranked #3 overall among all types of different KidKraft dollhouses.

We think this is a great choice for families looking for a dollhouse that will last for years to come and will still appeal to your daughter when she’s older.

In our opinion, this dollhouse is versatile enough for girls as young as 3-years or as old as 10-years of age.

It’s also large enough if you have multiple kids at home, or if your daughter likes to have friends over to play.

If you’re ready, click below to check it out for yourself!

Features of the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

Great Value for the Size

When it comes to size, there aren’t too many dollhouses out there that are bigger than the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse.

Even though it’s big, it’s smartly designed so it doesn’t take up too much floor space in your daughter’s playroom, leaving plenty of room for other toys.

This dollhouse stands four floors tall and has nine total rooms. Compared to other dollhouses, there’s actually a nice variety of rooms, such as an office and gym.

For the size, it’s actually a very affordable dollhouse and should fit well into most family’s budget.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

Super Modern Design

Similar to the Barbie DreamHouse, the Shimmer Mansion is very modern and fun that Barbie fans everywhere are going to enjoy.

Every single room is colored in some light or hot pink tones.

Beyond just the color, the layout itself is also very modern. One example is a floating staircase leading up to the fourth-floor loft bedroom.

Behind the stairs, there’s a large floor-to-ceiling faux window, reminiscent of what you would expect in a fancy loft apartment.

Durable Construction

True to KidKraft form, this dollhouse is made almost exclusively from wood and it’s designed to hold up for years to come.

Although some gentleness needs to be taken with some of the furniture and features of this dollhouse, overall it’s rather forgiving if you have a little one at home that may play rough with it.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

TONS of Furniture

The Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse comes with 30 total pieces of furniture and accessories that your daughter can use to decorate her new dollhouse.

Several of these pieces of furniture are actually quite unique, including a treadmill for the gym and a BBQ grill for the patio. Some pieces are interactive, such as a toilet and a lamp.

This dollhouse even comes with an elevator connecting the first, second, and third floors, a garage for Barbie to park her car, and a pool on the balcony that actually holds water!

We actually ranked it as our favorite dollhouse with a garage and elevator.

Good for Multiple Kids

The size of the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse alone makes it good for multiple kids to play with at one time.

Sometimes, though, siblings may still fight over a large dollhouse because it only has one unique feature (like an elevator).

The nice thing about this dollhouse is there are so many different unique features that each kid will find something fun and exciting to do.

Best Barbie Dolls for the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

Barbie Doll & Car

Since the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is our favorite dollhouse with both an elevator and a garage, we think it’s only fitting that the Barbie doll we recommend also comes with a car.

If your daughter doesn’t already have one, we think the Barbie Doll & Car is a wonderful addition to this KidKraft dollhouse.

This car is short enough to park in the garage, which is an important point to note since the garage isn’t very deep and may not fit some of the larger Barbie cars.

Barbie Doll & Car

The Barbie doll that comes with this set matches the overall design and decor of the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse perfectly.

Since this dollhouse is such a good value overall, you’ll be able to use the money you saved to buy accessories like this.

Highlights and Specs of the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

  • Tall and big enough for Barbie dolls
  • Budget-friendly for the size
  • Made from child-safe materials
  • Dimensions – 13.6 x 53.7 x 49.1 inches
  • Weight – 53 pounds


Healthy and fun accessories – The Shimmer Mansion dollhouse includes accessories such as a yoga mat and bowl of salad that help encourage healthy living.

Includes pool that can hold water – Even though this dollhouse is primarily wood, the pool/hot tub on the outdoor balcony is plastic and can hold water.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

Broad appeal to girls of all ages – Parents and grandparents have nothing but good things to say about this dollhouse, regardless of the age of their daughter/granddaughter.

Modern pink decor – The colors used in the Shimmer Mansion look just like those used in the Barbie DreamHouse.


Too big for small playrooms – If your daughter’s playroom is very small, you will either need to get rid of some toys or look at purchasing a smaller KidKraft dollhouse.

Time-consuming to assemble – Since this dollhouse is so big and intricate, you will want to plan on at least 2-3 hours to put it together.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse Vs KidKraft Wooden Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse

Of all the KidKraft dollhouses we reviewed, we think that the KidKraft Wooden Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse is most like the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse.

Shimmer Mansion
Wooden Modern Dream Glitter
Higher Rated?
More Durable?
Doll Size?
12 inches (Barbies)
12 inches (Barbies)
Best Feature?
Modern and great value for the size!
Funky design that's PERFECT for Barbies!
# of Accessories?
More Affordable?


A big reason why the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is one of our top KidKraft dollhouses overall is because of how much we loved the design and decor.

Although the interior of each dollhouse is decorated fairly similarly, we think that the Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse does miss the mark a bit on its furniture.

The furniture in the Shimmer Mansion felt intentional rather than an afterthought like the Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse.

Winner – Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse


The Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is about 2 times bigger than the Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse.

Even though it’s half the size, the Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse is not half the price.

Saying that, if your daughter’s playroom is too small for the Shimmer Mansion, the Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse may be the perfect size for her room.

Winner – Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse


In both the overall design and the amount of furniture, it was no contest on who the winner was.

We think that the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse has nicer furniture and is more accurate to what you get with the Barbie DreamHouse.

Some of the furniture in the Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse was too boring for the overall design of the house itself.

Winner – Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse


While both dollhouses are durable, we felt that the Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse would hold up slightly better in the long run.

The biggest reason for this is the smaller size of the Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse. The rooms aren’t quite as big, so there’s more support for the levels above.

Winner – Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse

Our Choice

Since the Shimmer Mansion is our favorite Barbie DreamHouse alternative dollhouse overall, it should come as no surprise that it’s our winner.

The Modern Dream Glitter Dollhouse is still a very solid choice overall and is better for families looking for a smaller dollhouse.

For most families, we think the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is the better choice.

Winner – Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse Vs. Barbie DreamHouse

Let’s take a moment and compare the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse to the Barbie DreamHouse.

Majestic Mansion
Barbie DreamHouse
Higher Rated?
More Durable?
Doll Size?
12 inches (Barbies)
12 inches (Barbies)
Best Feature?
Modern and great value for the size!
Officially-licensed Barbie dollhouse!
# of Accessories?
More Affordable?


Although we think the decor of the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is wonderful, it’s hard to beat the colors and design of a real Barbie DreamHouse if that’s what you’re looking for.

Both dollhouses have an elevator, garage, and a pool. One thing that the Barbie DreamHouse has that the Shimmer Mansion doesn’t have is a slide.

The differences between the two dollhouses are slim, but the Barbie DreamHouse does have slightly better colors and decor in our opinion.

Winner – Barbie DreamHouse


When it comes to size, there’s really no comparison. The Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is not only taller than the Barbie DreamHouse, but it’s also wider.

In total, we estimate that the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is about twice the size of the Barbie DreamHouse relative to the amount of play area.

With more play area, you will need more room in your home to accommodate, so keep that in mind.

Winner – Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse


One of the biggest surprises to us were the costs of both dollhouses.

Since the Shimmer Mansion is so much bigger than the DreamHouse, we thought for sure it was going to be more expensive.

What we actually found is that the Shimmer Mansion is anywhere from 20-30% cheaper than the Barbie DreamHouse.

Winner – Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse


Both dollhouses are solidly built and have different strengths based on the materials used to build it.

The DreamHouse is made primarily from plastic and is more forgiving if it gets wet when your daughter’s Barbies are playing in the pool.

The Shimmer Mansion is made from wood and very durable, but your daughter will need to use caution when putting water in the pool to not get the rest of the house wet.

Water aside, we think that the Shimmer Mansion is slightly more durable and likely to last longer than the Barbie DreamHouse.

Winner – Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

Our Choice

For a few different reasons, we think that the KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is the better choice for most families.

Whether it’s the size, the durability, or your budget – the Shimmer Mansion is a top-quality dollhouse that your daughter is sure to LOVE.

Winner – Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse


As you can see above, sometimes the best Barbie dollhouse isn’t one that’s made by Mattel at all.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

The bright and modern design of the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse makes it a wonderful choice for girls of all ages, whether they’re just starting their Barbie collection or if their collection numbers into the 100s.

If you think your daughter is still a little too young for this kind of dollhouse, we cover some things to look for in our guide “Do Toddlers Play With Barbies?”

If you were considering getting your daughter or granddaughter the Barbie DreamHouse for a birthday or holiday gift, we strongly advise giving serious consideration the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse.

Still a little unsure of which way to go?

Check out the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse on Amazon and go through dozens of positive reviews from parents just like yourself.

If you want to check a little more on our site, make sure to check out our GINORMOUS KidKraft dollhouse buying guide for parents.